KLEINSTEIN CO., LTD. is a design consulting office specializing in fashion based in Tokyo, Japan. Founded by YUSUKE KOISHI and MIKI KOISHI in 2014, the studio covered a wide range of projects, such as special project planning focused on fashion, product development, editorial work, art direction, collaboration management. The company has been in charge of brand consulting and Japan entry operations for various international brands.  The perspective of our studio is based on a strong interest in making something non-trivial. To pursue the real and original meaning of fashion itself, the modality of human behaviour in our society, something that changes the modality and dynamics of our life.  


Brand consulting
Concept building
Fashion design
Japan entry consulting
New brand building
Editorial planning
Retail space planning
Special project development
Planning of fashion/art exhibition
Website design
and…Whatever you want to ask



Creative Director / Writer
Prior to founding KLEINSTEIN CO., LTD., he was a lead planner of COMME des GARÇONS headquarter where he played various key roles in international projects. In addition to product development, he was involved in the planning of various international collaboration project, conceptual research and store installation project such as DOVER STREET MARKET NEWYORK. In 2014, he founded NOAVENUE, which is one of the first crowd-sourcing platforms, new investment system for the incubation of new fashion creative talents. Currently, KLEINSTEIN CO., LTD. is playing a key role in the creative direction and strategy building of NOVESTA. Originally he used to major in engineering and chemical physics at the University of Tokyo, studied the dynamical structure of chemical chaos.  He has been interested in fashion as a trinity mixture of religiousness, artistry, and commercialism.  Yusuke himself is also a critic and writer.


Creative Director / Archivist / Photographer
Prior to founding KLEINSTEIN CO., LTD., she worked for an art museum for over a decade. She was the only archivist working in the museum. Before archivist, she was an editor at a publishing company and a project researcher at the National Institute of Informatics. She majored in music in music college. Her main interests include fashion, art, music, and media archaeology.




Gran Casa Minamiaoyama 2F, 4-17-33 Minamiaoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 1070062, Japan




We will reply within two business days.


KLEINSTEIN is currently looking for a staff member to help guide visitors through the exhibition and serve customers at STEINBOX.
Tasks include planning of exhibitions and many others.

We are looking for people who meet the following criteria:
– People who like to communicate with people.
– People who like reading books and have a favorite author.
– People who like to see exhibitions and artworks.
– People who like to take pictures.
– People who like to do hypothetical thinking.
– People who can switch your feelings.
– People who are interested in the movement of the world.
– People who can speak, read and write Japanese.

Working conditions
Working days: Two to Three days per week.
Compensation: Negotiable depending on the nature of the work.
Travel costs: Covered up to 10,000 yen per month.

Please send your application to INFO@KLEINSTEIN.COM with the following information briefly.
– Curriculum vitae (in any format, full-body photo that shows your personality, Instagram posts are also acceptable)
– Your favorite authors and book titles, and the reasons why you like them, in 140 characters or less.
– What do you want to do in the future? Answer in 140 characters or less.
– What you have been angry about recently if any, and why. Answer in 140 characters or less.
– Your motivation for this position.
– Your Instagram and Twitter account URLs.
Regardless of whether you are selected or not, we will reply to you.