Full-time/Contract employees
KLEINSTEIN is currently looking for full-time and contract employees who meet the following criteria. The duties are varied. We await motivated applicants.

Deadline for applications
Friday, 15 July 2022.
The recruitment process will be closed as soon as a candidate has been selected.

Qualifications and interests
– Interested in KLEINSTEIN
– Communicative person in the multifaceted cultural situation
– Strong motivation for the fashion business
– Strong interest in social movements
– Book lover (with favourite author)
– Art lover
– Capability of hypothesis-oriented thinking
– Fact-based thinker
– Cats lover without allergy
– Non-smoker

Required experience
– Experience developing B2B sales and new business for domestic and international retail and wholesale in the fashion sector.
– Experience in public relations.
– Experience developing apparel products and production management.

– Language skills (Japanese and business level English. Chinese and other languages are preferable if available).
– Experience in Adobe software (Illustrator/Photoshop).
– Word, Excel (use of functions such as VLOOKUP is desirable) and PowerPoint (or Keynote)
– HTML/CSS and WordPress
– Photography
– Graphic design
– Strong written and verbal communication skills, with a talent for detailed articulations of strategy.

– Full-time employees: monthly salary from ¥250,000- (*The actual salary will be determined based on experience and role.)
– Sales commission bonus for BIÉDE project.
– Trial period: 6 months (during the trial period, the candidate will be a contract employee).

– Transportation expenses.
– Social insurances.

Working hours
– Working hours: 9:30 – 18:30 (8 hours)
– Break time: 60 minutes
– Overtime: Depending on projects. (Flexible when overseas work is involved.)

Holidays: 2 days off per week

Work location
Varies depending on the roles (basically in Tokyo).

How to apply
Please send the following items to INFO@KLEINSTEIN.COM.
– Resume (any format is acceptable, but it must include the contents of a commercially available resume format.)
– Please include a full-body photo that shows your personality, in addition to a certified photo
– Social media accounts including Instagram and Twitter
– Reason for applying (Approx. 200 words or less)
– Name one of your favourite book titles and explain why you like it (140 words or less).
– Two people (e.g. colleagues from previous jobs or anyone who is in the industry) who can recommend you for the position you are applying for.
– A portfolio of your previous works.
Only those who meet the requirements will be contacted for an interview.

Part-time staff
KLEINSTEIN is currently looking for a staff member to help guide visitors through the exhibition and serve customers at STEINBOX.
Tasks include planning exhibitions and many others.

We are looking for people who meet the following criteria:
– People who like to communicate with people.
– People who like reading books and have a favourite author.
– People who like to see exhibitions and artworks.
– People who like to take pictures.
– People who like to do hypothetical thinking.
– People who can switch your feelings.
– People who are interested in the movement of the world.
– People who can speak, read and write Japanese.

Working conditions
Working days: Two to Three days per week.
Compensation: Negotiable depending on the nature of the work.
Travel costs: Covered up to 10,000 yen per month.

Please send your application to INFO@KLEINSTEIN.COM with the following information briefly.
– Curriculum vitae (in any format, full-body photo that shows your personality, Instagram posts are also acceptable)
– Your favourite authors and book titles, and the reasons why you like them, in 140 characters or less.
– What do you want to do in the future? Answer in 140 characters or less.
– What you have been angry about recently if any, and why. Answer in 140 characters or less.
– Your motivation for this position.
– Your Instagram and Twitter account URLs.
Regardless of whether you are selected or not, we will reply to your application.